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February 21


Oh… Hi, there. It’s me! The Paternal Drunk. Remember? No? Well, shit. I can’t blame you – it’s been awhile. A long while. According to my annual WordPress recap report, I managed a whopping 3 new posts in 2015. A barren, unfruitful year across the Paternal Drunk blogscape, if I am honest. Despite my abysmal […]

September 28

Left Hand

“When they send for you, you go in alive, you come out dead, and it’s your best friend that does it.” – Benjamin ‘Lefty’ Ruggiero, “Donnie Brasco” The Left Hand cocktail can be described a couple different ways. It’s my understanding that Sam Ross, the creator of the drink, described it as the confluence of […]

March 06

Blood and Sand

Suddenly the man was thrown from between the bull’s horns with a devastating blow, and tumbled to the sand. The bull lowered his head, picking up the lifeless body, lifting it for an instant on its horns and letting it fall once more before careering away on a mad path, the rapier plunged deep to […]

February 21


Geninez 1:3 1In the beginning there was rye and sweet vermouth. 2And the cocktail was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the Barkeep. And the Spirit of Bartender moved upon the face of the firewaters. 3And Bartenders said, Let there be Manhattan: and there was Manhattan. 4And Bartenders drank the […]

January 25


Easily the greatest aperitivo of all time and the quintessential Italian cocktail. The magical triad of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari was purportedly invented by a Count. Yes, that’s right. An Italian Count, no less. Many people have guffawed and hastily dismissed this tale of origin, suggesting that it is “absurd” and “preposterous”, or even […]

January 12


Unlike the Manhattan and the Brooklyn, this cocktail doesn’t actually take its name from the borough, or even the nearby river. In actuality, it’s the namesake of the gargoyle beast hound from Gargoyles, the American cartoon series produced by Disney Television Animation and Buena Vista Television that originally aired from 1994 to 1997. Wait, that […]

January 09


Ah, yes.  What cocktail to select for my first post?  I felt it needed to be a timeless classic. One that was instantly recognizable to all, from boozehounds to teetotalers alike. Two obvious choices came to mind:  the Martini and the Manhattan. From there, the choice was easy – I just really really like Manhattans. […]