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December 26


Everybody is sick. Let me paint you a picture. My sinuses are congested and my head feels like it’s full of concrete. My 2½-year-old is coughing like she’s been down in the coal mines all her life and has a perpetual runny nose. My 3-month-old is suffering from a wicked post-nasal drip resulting in choking […]

January 20

New York Sour

To quote the Atlanta Daily Constitution in 1879, “When American meets American then comes the whisky sour.” The Sour, and in particular the whiskey variety, enjoyed immense popularity across America from the 1860s up until the 1960s. According to David Wondrich, classics scholar and cocktail historian extraordinaire, the Sour’s popularity was driven by two things: […]

January 14


I’ve been in a sour mood as of late. Maybe because of the dismal weather we’ve been having. Or perhaps the lack of sleep. I’m talking about the family of refreshing cocktails, of course – the Whiskey Sour being the archetype of the clan. Although the most ubiquitous, there are other sours that are a […]