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February 12

Cubed Old-Fashioned

To wrap up the Old-Fashioned motif, I’ve decide to conclude with one of Jamie Boudreau’s variations on the time-honoured classic. Mr. Boudreau, a fellow Canadian originally hailing from Montréal, has fashioned a cocktail using the Old-Fashioned framework, but has tripled the number of spirits and bitters. What’s more, he’s captured the essence of the Old-Fashioned […]

February 10

Cole’s Old-Fashioned

You may recall that in my last post, I remarked that “Old-Fashioned recipes are like assholes – everyone’s got one.” Well, as it turns out (not much to my surprise), I am not alone in my quest to assuage the strain of fatherhood through intoxicating beverage. Heavens, no. Hence, I am inaugurating a new guest […]

February 08

Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail

Ah, the Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. As opposed to the Whiskey Cocktail, one would assume. Wait, let’s take a step back. Let’s drop the “Whiskey” adjunct and begin with just “Cocktail” for a moment. Bear with me. The earliest mention of a “cocktail”, i.e. the first instance in which this term was defined in print, was […]