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April 17


Alright folks, welcome to part 5 of 7 of the “Drinks We Drank at Drink” series that’s been in progress since I returned from the glorious city of Boston some weeks ago. The subject of this post was a cocktail that was prepared for another of my dear friends – a man who is both […]

March 27

French 75

Continuing with my feature of the drinks that my compatriots and I imbibed at Boston’s Drink, next up is the French 75. Now, some might say that this drink has no business showing up at a bachelor party. It’s got Champagne in it ferchrissakes! Well… yes. You’re right. But what can you do? My friend, […]

March 01


As many of your know, the Vesper was the creation of none other than the famous MI6 agent himself – James Bond. Which, of course, means that the cocktail was the invention of Ian Fleming who penned the recipe in ‘Casino Royale’ (1953) – the first novel of fourteen in the James Bond series. Let’s […]

February 26


Picking up where we left off last time, the Martinez, compounded from sweetened gin and sweet vermouth, is not only an offspring of the Manhattan, but it is also purported to be the antecedent to the Martini. As others have suggested, Gary Regan may have said it best in his seminal work, The Joy of […]

February 21


Geninez 1:3 1In the beginning there was rye and sweet vermouth. 2And the cocktail was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the Barkeep. And the Spirit of Bartender moved upon the face of the firewaters. 3And Bartenders said, Let there be Manhattan: and there was Manhattan. 4And Bartenders drank the […]

January 25


Easily the greatest aperitivo of all time and the quintessential Italian cocktail. The magical triad of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari was purportedly invented by a Count. Yes, that’s right. An Italian Count, no less. Many people have guffawed and hastily dismissed this tale of origin, suggesting that it is “absurd” and “preposterous”, or even […]

January 14


I’ve been in a sour mood as of late. Maybe because of the dismal weather we’ve been having. Or perhaps the lack of sleep. I’m talking about the family of refreshing cocktails, of course – the Whiskey Sour being the archetype of the clan. Although the most ubiquitous, there are other sours that are a […]