Liquor Cabinet

Last updated: January 22, 2014; Total bottle count: 65

The kitchen cabinet that has been so graciously allotted to me for liquor storage has begun to bust at its seams. Quite literally. A heavy-duty elastic is employed around the knobs to keep the precious liquid that resides inside from toppling out onto the dining room floor. Not the most elegant solution, I know, but it has worked thus far. To date my wife hasn’t noticed (or let on) that some of the prettier bottlings have appeared on the countertops and the open shelving. I’ve had to make some room in the basement shelving for a growing “cellar” of sorts.

For a look at the goodies that currently populate my home bar, please click on the below categories. I’ve included a brief description of the spirits in question, an enumeration of my current bottles, as well as bottles that are on my wishlist.



Gin, Genever & Akvavit

R(h)um & Cachaça

Tequila & Mezcal


Absinthe & Herbsaint/Pastis

Vermouth & Wine-Based Apéritif



Fortified Wines