Cobble Hill

Well, the Paternal Drunk is back from a bit of an extended break. During my absence from the blogosphere, my number of chillens has grown from one to two. Egad! I am now the proud father of two beautiful daughters, God help me. I predict a spike in my drinking habits in, say… 12 years. Ah, well – I won’t get ahead of myself.

Okay, here’s another one from Sam Ross. Thus far I’ve taken a look at the Paper Plane, the Conquistador, and the Left Hand. All delicious. This one is one of the Brooklyn Cocktail variations named after one of New York City’s many boroughs/neighborhoods (you may recall the Red Hook that was also featured awhile ago). As is often indicated on the internets, the Cobble Hill was meant to be a “summertime Manhattan” – a lighter, kinder, gentler version of the classic. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows – that sorta thing. That’s pretty much it, so I won’t fill this page with inconsequential verbigeration (’s word of the day). Let’s mix.

Paternal Drunk - Post 33 - Cobble Hill - S

Add everything to a mixing glass. It would appear that some give the cucumber a quick muddling, but I find this releases too much… cucumberyness. Maybe do just a gentle press. Yes, that’s nice. Okay, add a pile of ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a chilled coupe. Double straining wouldn’t hurt, just in case an errant cucumber seed tries to make its way into your pristine cocktail. Garnish with large ribbon of cucumber (use a Y-peeler – the OXO Good Grips one comes recommended by many), twisted back and forth on itself and skewered onto a cocktail pick. Squiggly.

This is a great drink. You get the rich intensity and spicy rye and oak flavours from the whiskey, intermingling with orangey, vanilla, coriander and clove notes, presumably, from the vermouth and amaro. Behind all of that you detect a lovely subtle cucumber freshness, which adds some brightness to the whole affair. The finish is citrusy and mildly bitter. Oh, that’s good. The “Summertime Manhattan” descriptor is pretty accurate, I must say. Not to be confused with Summertime in Manhattan (especially that summer of ‘77yeesh.) Ha, anyway, this cocktail is a little taste of summer that I welcome as we head into the wintry months that necessitate making cocktails composed exclusively from Averna, cider, and Scotch, complete with liberal garnishes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.

Okay, that’s it – short and sweet. I’ll try and feature the 19th Century if I can get my hands on some quality crème de cacao (that McGuinness stuff looks vile…). Failing that, De la Louisiane or Penicillin are on deck. Happy Drinking!